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What it is ALL About

IT is NOT about sports at all. It is about taking those things that great athletes have… and helping people realize they have them too.”

~ Coach Rhino

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Celebrate Life, Love & Luck

“When it comes to those things that we do everyday, the things we ought to do, the things we do to ‘do the right thing’ – the things we embrace in the interest of being better, of being nicer, being stronger, being happier – well… don’t celebrate them when they arrive… just BE them!”

~ Coach Rhino

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Citizen Athlete Project

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Personal Growth Program

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A Blueprint for Life

What is YOUR blueprint for a Happy and Successful Life? Do YOU know?

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What it Means to BE a Citizen Athlete...

"Participate with Purpose"


noun | cit•i•zen

A person who Participates as a
member of society


noun | ath•lete

A person who has Purpose behind
their actions

Creating Citizen Athletes

The Project

Citizens always Participate

Athletes have Purpose

“An athlete is someone who has purpose behind all of their actions…
So, to me, a Citizen Athlete is someone who Participates with Purpose
It really has nothing to do with sports…
It has Everything to do with taking those things that great athletes have…
And helping People realize that they have them too…”

~ Ken Bromley

What do YOU Believe?

What do YOU get to BE?

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